I’m lost, Deliver me

Wow, lots and lots have changed! A life that's good right? That's what we all crave and try to work on as we go through this crazy world one step at a time. More than anything we simply want a peace, an inner peace that allows us to enjoy the world and the people we choose to keep in it.

The Sound of the Crowd

So I played a gig! Another notch on the gig post, another night trying to conquer the dreaded Stage Fright. What a bugger this guy is, he shows up like 5 mins before I go on stage and manages to employ some sort of Jedi mind trick on me which forces such feelings as sweating, dry mouth, and the shakes.

Plastic Fantastic

So for all out there who know me they know one thing, I love Vinyl. I collect it and love nothing more than dropping a needle on the plastic and listening to music the way it's meant to be listened to. So when I had the chance to have my EP on the medium I simply [...]