Wales I’m Coming and Bringing a Friend

So we are coming Cardiff folks! and when I say we, I mean me and the wonderful explosive true country #Outlaw Kezia Gill! It’s going to be a fun awesome action-packed night. We are planning some cool stuff and playing some of our own hits plus some classic country that will send you right backContinue reading “Wales I’m Coming and Bringing a Friend”

A Message from an angel – My New Album

I’m so proud to announce that my new album is coming out. A Message From An Angel is a collection of songs that have been written over 2 years. I’m channeling Heartache, Pain, and Love in the record but most of all I deal with healing and soul-searching. So come join me down Rattlesnake HighwayContinue reading “A Message from an angel – My New Album”

Listening party for one!

So I hate hearing myself back, does anyone else? I mean it troubles me so much and I know I should be proud of my music no matter how good it is. I just struggle to find some peace and solace in my music. See I never wanted to sing, It’s not where I feelContinue reading “Listening party for one!”

The remaining song after the person has gone…

It’s a burning question for me, how do you sing songs written for someone that’s no longer in your life. You know that one special person who becomes a muse, that one person who you love and cherish more than you do yourself. That allows you to write songs deeper than you have before. ThenContinue reading “The remaining song after the person has gone…”

Country Influences | My top 5!

I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite country songs.  Here below is my top 5 go to tracks when I feel the need to write, hurt, love or any other emotion I’m going through. 5. Is there a ghost | Band of Horses 4. Tin Man | Miranda Lambert 3. Me andContinue reading “Country Influences | My top 5!”

I guess it’s time to get moving

I have never been very confident in what I do with music but man do I love it. Like the old guys of Outlaw Country I just want to tell my stories, hard and easy ones to give my perspective on this life we lead. So much diluted music is out there these days, it’sContinue reading “I guess it’s time to get moving”

2018, A Retrospective….

Hey folks, Well what a year it has been! I mean seriously its gone from strength to strength. So I wanted to just write about it all and share with you how it made me feel. So let’s start with ‘A Love letter to Charlotte’, My first EP that dropped in February. Yep, that’s whenContinue reading “2018, A Retrospective….”