I feel I need to explain…

That has an effect on my mental health and my well being, so I choose to simply do my own thing and just push forward elsewhere with music and life, but first a break and to be honest a long one! Then Phoenix will rise but not in country! Unless country starts to work with the music and get back to the roots of what made country a genre worth loving! Instead of the backstabbing bitchy gender hating culture that it is today.

So I made an EP!

So I did it! Like I actually did it! Its mental, crazy, scary and all other emotions I can't quite muster up right now. But I did it! 5 years in the making, tons of songs written, in fact, I could actually release three more I think. But I have finally gotten my music down [...]

Forbidden love

So this song came about after a few hiccups along the way! It started out as a little pick through a  G chord. The run down sounded better when played with a capo on the 2nd fret, but I must admit it goes high in the chorus which is bad for my voice. The lyrics [...]