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Comfortably Numb

Sorry, I could simply write all the lyrics to the great Pink Floyd song and that would sum up my mind somewhat, but alas I guess I will fill you all in on what’s been going down. 2020 has been erm wonderfully sad?

I need to address this

I have suffered many ups and downs in life, many of you have listened to my music and heard the tales of what i have lived through. I have had a mild eating disorder, manic depression and lived most of my 20’s under a different counsellor or two.

Safest Place In The World

I wrote the song about mental health just before the dreaded C word hit the UK and as songs often do it has taken on a meaning of its own with so many wishing to hug there loved ones or see there children, parents or family. For me the mental health aspect of this lockdown is huge and I for one have also suffered, many of you who know me personally understand my own struggles with this game we cal life.

How are you all

I thought I’d check in and see how you are, that you are all doing well and staying safe? It’s testing times isn’t it? It’s all a little nuts, the way the earth has suddenly stopped and everyone is locked in is very weird.

Plans followed by a lockdown

Its a funny old world, like crazy mental! We all had so many dreams and goals for 2020. Start dating, get married, see the world and just be on the earth and bask in all that mother nature has to offer.

We all stand together…

Wow, this last year has been a whirlwind, crazy times, crazy people and a very crazy world. Back last year I had a meltdown with music, a full-on Britney moment where I simply felt I couldn’t do this no more. It was all too much, it was all about the “Business”, no longer about the art.

I feel I need to explain…

That has an effect on my mental health and my well being, so I choose to simply do my own thing and just push forward elsewhere with music and life, but first a break and to be honest a long one! Then Phoenix will rise but not in country! Unless country starts to work with the music and get back to the roots of what made country a genre worth loving! Instead of the backstabbing bitchy gender hating culture that it is today.


One song that I feel needs a little bit more love is ‘Outlaw’, I mean it’s different, it’s not an honest country song but it does tell a story and it certainly has a volume up to eleven kinda feel!

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