Phoenix Morby is a traditional Country Music Singer/Songwriter writing songs based on his life. He is a reflective storyteller using his past experiences to transport the listener, and paint pictures with his lyrics. What started as a career playing guitar in various local Portsmouth rock bands and tribute acts, Phoenix picked up a Kris Kristofferson album and felt at home. Songs such as ‘Casey’s Last Ride’ and ‘Darby’s Castle’ struck a chord with the Status Quo rocking metalhead, and he began to pen his turbulent past and create poems.

These poems turned into his 2017 release ‘ A love letter to Charlotte’, an EP released containing 5 tracks with such live must-haves as ‘Rear View Mirror’ and ‘Rattlesnake Highway’. The local music scene and radio gave the EP some Airplay, and Phoenix Morby was born and the country scene started to take to the new traditional style. ‘Driving along and hearing one of your songs on the radio for the first time is amazing!’ – Phoenix After hearing ‘Rattlesnake Highway’ on Express FM.

The follow up to ‘A love letter to Charlotte’ was 2018’s ‘Butterfly’; a four-track EP that tackles some very sensitive subjects such as suicide and adultery. Both are very sensitive subjects on their own; yet Phoenix’s songs handle them with grace and beauty. The radio play continued and gigs were played, even a few live radio sessions took place and the Phoenix name continued to grow.

Towards the end of 2018, Phoenix hit the road and recorded a live album in California, ‘Live in Placerville’ is a raw, unplugged and omits a vulnerability; this is encased in an album containing a few new songs and favorites from the first two EP’s. The album is a real insight to Phoenix’s songwriting as before each song he explains how the lyrics came about. Following that ‘A Message From An Angel’ was released which contains 7 new tracks and a few hand-picked tracks from the first EP’s; giving the listener a full 12 track album.

‘Outlaw’; ‘Easygoing vocals and drifting instrumentation mark cognizant lyrics about an isolated vagabond existence. The gradually unwinding arrangement cleverly mirrors the song’s prolonged soul-searching story. Pre-order the impressive single.’ – MusicCityMemo

2019 has seen a brand new approach to his music with the release of ‘Outlaw’, which got rave reviews and gave Phoenix a full band arrangement.

Phoenix was nominated as the UK Country Radio Male Solo Artist of the Year for 2019 and Outlaw in the running for song of the year at the 2020 Uk Country Music Awards

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