I need to address this

I have suffered many ups and downs in life, many of you have listened to my music and heard the tales of what i have lived through. I have had a mild eating disorder, manic depression and lived most of my 20’s under a different counsellor or two. I remember walking into my doctors screaming at a receptionist that if they didn’t help me I would take my own life. This I went over many times in my head, many times I questioned how I would take on this life that I have. This a huge venerable post for me to write and I fight back tears writing it as I think back to a time before i became who I am now.

Now I champion mental health charities, I support one personally and I support many people going through issues. Many of my friends can vouch for this and I hope that many would stand by me if I was in a bad place again. My faith carries me through some dark times that I still have and my gods guide me. Here is what i wish to address! Last week on a social media platform i placed a tweet on a friends feed asking why my new single hadn’t made a radio show after all of my other ones had? It was a simple tweet that I myself deleted after I realised it was pointless and petty. The tweet read and I think I’m right in saying:

“Its a shame he didn’t play Safest Place in the World, he has only had it for five weeks, and im also playing country on the coast” – Im slightly paraphrasing here and I might be forgetful. What has lead on from that is a singer from a band who was in the original tweet coming out and pouring his heart into the fact i was now the reason he has mental health issues and that i do not support other artists. So I guess we need some context as to why I replied in the angry way i did, last year I did a radio show with band, and after the event in which I “lost” all my guitar picks and capo which forced me in a different direction whilst live on air, I was subjected to what they can only described as “Banter” over on twitter! Now based on the tweets below it would seem my things were not ‘Lost’ but ‘placed’ elsewhere! I simply said nothing and didn’t engage with any of this behaviour. I went about my business and carried on making music and smiling! But it affected me, it was one of the reasons I quit last year!

So we move to this point, like you, reading this I don’t like all music, I simply don’t. Do I like the type of music there band makes? Nope, but I wish them all the success in the world and hope they make whatever there dreams are come true? 110%! Do I hold a grunge for what they did or didn’t do on that radio show or in the weeks after? Again I do not! Life is too short and we have gone down different paths. But to have it blamed on me that I said a throw away comment which forced someone to have there mental health affected in my eyes is not cool. We all have mental health problems and my door, phone or life is always open to help people. I needed to say my piece fully and get this off my chest and I thank you for getting this far and allowing me to write this!

And Matt and Dirt Road Diary! Good luck my friends I hope you keep making music and I wish you all the success! I truly mean that, I hope we can share a beer or two one day!

Phee x

Published by Phoenix Morby

I tell stories in the form of song! Playing my guitar and just trying to make peace with shadows of the past! New EP out in APRIL!

3 thoughts on “I need to address this

  1. This is Childish and all you do is slag off the genre you want to succeed in.
    you claim the victim all the time but don’t see the damage you do to other people.

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    1. Childish it is not, banter is childish, making someone feel bad online is childish. I can name you 40 artists in UK Country which i support! Fully support, purchase there music and shout about them. I even set up and am now funding a record label to give unheard artists a platform and help to get there music out there. What I dislike in UK country is people afraid to bare there soul in there music! and sing about America! and the Nashville dream! When they have so much other things they could say! Music is our platform to tell our truth! Not sing about hunting and fishing, fake American accent trying to be something we are not! Im proud to be British country and to make music about my life and my country!


  2. Been a big fan of yours for a while now and I was totally ready to jump to your defence, but from 2 mins of fact checking on twitter it looks like these dirt road guys were actually pretty supportive of you. They certainly don’t look to be dragging your name through the mud. As Carla said, this is pretty childish. You posted a blog about quitting country as well and now the story’s completely changed? All you seem to do is blame everyone else…


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