I feel I need to explain…

Ahhh life, the universe, and everything, the single most struggle as a human has to go through. Just life! A great man once said ‘Life is an expensive hobby’ I’m not sure where I heard that but it’s true. It’s expensive on the heart and the soul and the wallet. My songs are the expensive bit on the heart, they pull my strings every time I hear them and every time I play them. Can you imagine having to write them? It’s not an easy process at all, in fact, it’s quite a rollercoaster.

The biggest question I have had since I decided to hang up Phoenix Morby the Country singer is ‘Why’? Why when you just got signed, why you are so talented and why your just getting going. So I have thought about all of those things and pondered them long into the night to understand. So I want to address the three questions:

  1. Why you just got signed? – Yes, I did just get signed but this genre is toxic man! Like seriously, I’m not joking, its backstabbing horrible! He isn’t in this camp, she doesn’t like her, this awards show doesn’t like him so she won’t get far. This station won’t play your music unless you pay, this station won’t play unless you send a CD or pay £10 to upload your mp3, and then we will only listen. This fan group only likes modern country so they won’t plug you and my personal favorite! You’re a male! and women are not well represented so we only support women! The country music scene is for me about talent and not gender! Simple…
  2. Why you are so talented? – I’m retiring Phoenix the country singer! Who knows what the future will bring!
  3. Why you’re just getting going – See number 2!

I’m not built for the kind of rubbish this genre has to offer! I’m not thick-skinned and I certainly can’t turn it off and just move on! I wear my heart in my music and if someone puts it down or doesn’t wish to know I take it personally! That has an effect on my mental health and my well being, so I choose to simply do my own thing and just push forward elsewhere with music and life, but first a break and to be honest a long one! Then Phoenix will rise but not in country! Unless country starts to work with the music and get back to the roots of what made country a genre worth loving! Instead of the backstabbing bitchy gender hating culture that it is today.

I’ll cya around guys!

Phee x

Published by Phoenix Morby

I tell stories in the form of song! Playing my guitar and just trying to make peace with shadows of the past! New EP out in APRIL!

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