The art form of music

I sit and wonder what happened to the artist, the real songwriter who would craft a story or a piece of music that puts with the emotion only a writer can add. What happened to the bands of misfits who banded together to create a world where other misfits could fit in?

Everyday I hear music, I mean it’s everywhere and everyday I look into who wrote it and composed it, I’m a songwriter myself and I always try to filter into who wrote what and why. Yet the more I look the more I see , a team, no an army created the song, many writers, beat men, hook guys. The perfect song written by an army of people that will sell. I mean that’s why music is made right? To make money? Wrong! Music is made to extend your thoughts and feelings, to give the listener an experience or safe place. It’s written so a listener can feel like they belong, it’s what music movements have been about for years. It could a composer who writes a wonder piece that stirs emotions, or a country song that speaks and helps you deal with something in life or a rock song that allows you to feel like you are not alone.

Let me give some facts on this blog:

Keith Urban – Parallel Line = 11 songwriters

Luke bryan – Home alone tonight = 4 songwriters -Luke never wrote a line

Eric Church – I’m getting stoned = 4 songwriters

Blake Shelton – I lived it = 5 songwriters

Blake Shelton – gods country = 3 songwriters and Shelton didn’t write a line

Now the above is just a few and only country music, a stat came out that 2018’s top 100 chart over the year had a total of 5.47 songwriters per song. Yeah and one of those songs had 30 , yep 30 songwriters per tune! How can you feel music, feelings or emotions in a song when 5 people wrote it let alone 30!

Many use music to relax, work out or drive too and throw away 3:30 minute songs work for that , and it will make the label happy! But what about the album , the story and the 60 mins of losing yourself somewhere, when you are invited to know how someone’s else’s life is going. When will that come back? Do we need those anymore? Or is music now as throwaway as a ready meal?

Country music isn’t a hook, a song about fishing, or driving on highway nine – it’s a feeling, a transportation for the listener, a way out for someone somewhere to feel ok…

Published by Phoenix Morby

I tell stories in the form of song! Playing my guitar and just trying to make peace with shadows of the past! New EP out in APRIL!

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