We came and man did we play

I remember actually announcing the Cardiff gig, way back in May. It seemed like so far away and the build up was insane. Three singles and lots of songwriting in between and the gig came around so quickly! It seemed like just yesterday we booked it and it was over in a flash.

The drive down from London to Cardiff was a pain in the butt, god the m4 is not a nice stretch of road. Everything is down to 50 mph for about 30 miles, but that didn’t stop us, me and Jess who are more commonly known as Carson City had the car loaded with guitars , Amps, CDs, T-shirts and most importantly the energy for why lay ahead. We arrived in Cardiff around 1:30pm and met up with Kezia Gill and the firebird team, we hit the food court of a small outlet shopping center and started to discuss the night ahead.

You know it’s amazing how good Kezia is , I mean seriously we sat in a front room and played through some of the cover duets we planned (I say planned as we literally put the sit list together that afternoon) any way she rocks and her voice anywhere is just amazing. We traveled down to the venue and unloaded and all were blown away by just how stunning this place was and the acoustics man! Being an old church the acapela studios really is beautiful.

Both sets were amazing if I do say so myself , the end was awesome, Jess joined me and Kezia on stage and sung an amazing version of shallow with Kezia playing piano. The whole night was rounded off by a standing ovation from the wales crowd. It was a very surreal moment and crazy for us playing our songs and telling our stories. Me and Kezia are very different but also very the same, the level of respect I have for her is insane and I hope to share the stage with her again. But most of all I hope to grace that stage again soon, it has such a energy to the whole place and trust me wales I will be back!

Until next time guys , keep it country ‘

Phee xxx

Photos courtesy of Jill gibbons and Jessica Taylor

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I tell stories in the form of song! Playing my guitar and just trying to make peace with shadows of the past! New EP out in APRIL!

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