Hello all!

Hey everybody!

Its been a little bit of a break right? So much time to reflect on some things and understand where and how I plan to move forward with the music I create. I feel somewhat jaded, I started to write music to help with my own world and my own mind. Better it on paper than in my head, to have an outlet, a journal of sorts. But then people started to listen, songs started to hit radio stations and I had to get on stage and play the songs to people. That’s scary man! Like seriously for me it’s a huge undertaking, just to throw the nerves to one side and play my journal to people. So I started to write songs from a less personal point but with an underpinning tone that harps back to how I felt at the time.

So as the people started talking I kinda forgot why I wrote the songs to start with, I started to buy into a corrupt industry and started chasing the ‘Dream’. But what really is the dream? Is the dream to sell records but to do that you have to pump out mindless meaningless music that the radio wishes to play? Is the dream having people telling you how to sound, dress and look? Is the dream writing a country truck driving song just because it sells on iTunes? No thats for me isn’t the dream! The dream is to write music that makes a difference to someone, if one person can listen to ‘Rear View Mirror’ or ‘Whiskey’ and feel the same way I did and have those songs in some way help them, then my dream is coming true.

So what’s the plan now? Well, the plan now is to go back and record some of the old stuff with a band and give it a more polished sound. I have some new songs I have been working on, yet I’m not sure if they will be for me or for Carson City. But I will say new music is coming and I’m working on stuff all the time.

But to keep you going below is a download to Rattlesnake Highway, a new version I did with some top musicians. So please feel free to download and enjoy! Share it around and give it to as many people as possible!


So Until later folks! Keep it country!


To download click on the link and then right-click and ‘Save Audio As’

Rattlesnake Highway Master (Bass + Organ)

Published by Phoenix Morby

I tell stories in the form of song! Playing my guitar and just trying to make peace with shadows of the past! New EP out in APRIL!

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