Country on the Coast 2019 | What a Smashing Weekend

DpB46vZAScared!!! Nervous and Crazy! The three words I felt walking up to the stage to play the first ever Country on the Coast festival. The level of talent in this genre in the UK is amazing, like totally crazy good, I have witnessed some amazingly beautiful music this weekend. Keiza Gill, Hard Way Home, Hannah Paris, Southern Companion but to name just a few. The immense level of songwriting was simply out of this world and must admit that I felt slightly out of place. But I played and I must say after an almost six-month break it felt super great!

Country on the coast is the brainchild of Lily Garland! The same Lily Garland who is one of the queens in UK country music and I commend the sterling job she had done getting this festival organized. Seriously she has outdone herself and I’m hoping she brings it back to the south coast again next year and that 2019 was simply the start of many.  The line up was sterling for the Friday and Saturday with many BCMA starlets

Weekends swag!!!

gracing the stage, Keiza Gill was amazing! Like mind blowing good and if you have yet to hear her I fully suggest getting on that straight away! In fact, I will link her new EP here.

Saturday came around so quickly and it was my turn to take the stage and give the fans some Outlaw Country! How did I approach this one? I just went for it and I must say also this was the first gig I had played standing up! Never done it before, always sat down and hid away from the crowd, but this time I went for it and I will say I loved it. Yeah, a few mistakes! But hey it’s live music! One of the highlights and bucket list items for me is that I actually got to play a couple of songs by Kris Kristofferson and Creedence Clearwater Revival on stage! I rattled off a few songs from Love Letter to Charlotte and Butterfly and Smashed out Hangtown! The fans seemed to take to the music well and had some lovely comments afterward. But the

New Friends!

the biggest feeling I had was feeling humbled to grace the stage with some awesome lovely friendly people. Straight after me, Southern Companion hit and knocked it out the park! The cover of Either Way was simply stunning. Then it was Hannah Paris and her full show of Rocking Girl Country was a hit, taking people into the evening and the buzz was huge, she even threw in a very sexy version of Black Velvet which had even the youngsters singing along. Then it was the Queen herself taking the stage to produce a professional wonderful show! Lily Garland was born to be on stage and do what she does best and that’s sing country music!

We still have Sunday to go and I will be there to see the wonderful Royal South play and then I have to travel home to Herts for a very large bump back down the planet earth! This weekend has showcased so much, it has shown that we can do country music too and that the talent of unsigned undiscovered talent is out there. The real artists are playing the bars, the clubs the songwriter nights and the local music hall’s. They are selling EP’s for 5 pounds and taking a selfie with you after each show just clawing away trying to make a name for themselves. But my friends, they are just like you! Having a dream and trying to make it come true. So next time you are in on a Saturday night bored and fancy watching a talent show, switch it off and head out to a bar and see who is playing, I promise you now you will not be disappointed and more than that if you do meet the person playing a massive favor and grab an EP or just tell them how much you enjoyed their music! you will make there day and give them the gusto to keep going.

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I tell stories in the form of song! Playing my guitar and just trying to make peace with shadows of the past! New EP out in APRIL!

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