2018, A Retrospective….

Hey folks, Well what a year it has been! I mean seriously its gone from strength to strength. So I wanted to just write about it all and share with you how it made me feel. So let’s start with ‘A Love letter to Charlotte’, My first EP that dropped in February. Yep, that’s when it came out and to say I’m proud of that record is an understatement. At the time I wasn’t confident with my vocal range and I feel now listening back it has a very one tone feel but the lyrics and the storytelling are what I’m super proud of. Songs like Rattlesnake Highway and Rear View Mirror really have set up home in my live sets and I’m sure they will remain there for some time.

Coming with that EP was serious amounts of gigs and also my first Radio show which happened to be on the coolest Country Radio show here in the UK, Russell Hill’s Country Music show on Express FM.

Lets now fast forward to July and the next EP ‘Butterfly’, this EP took a few months to write and has been the biggest success so far. The title track is a stand out in my back catalog and has its own being on social media. I mean it actually has more fans than I do. Crafting that song took time and a lot of heartaches, but it holds its own and is still played two months later on many radio stations. The other track ‘Chalk Pit Rise’ is my love song to Portsmouth, UK. The city is surrounded by large chalk hillsides or as we call them ‘Chalk Pits’ and they have simply never changed. As I grow older and hopefully wiser these Chalk Pits remain the same.

California Dreamin really did happen and I hit a big bird to fly across the pond to experience the good old U S of A and man it was awesome. Standing in the same spot as Johnny Cash did at Folsom Prison really does do something to you. To drive through Lodi whilst listening to CCR gives you the goosebumps, the history here is awesome. The music is great and the people really do make you feel welcome and great. So that is why I decided to record a Live album! No one records them any more! So why not? and that my friends dropped on 8th Oct 2018! Live from Placerville is my first attempt at getting my songs out to you in a live setting! And I promise it won’t be my last!

That was a crazy year and so much has happened that I don’t really have the page space to give you it all. But life has been great and music has been better. So 2019, what’s next? Well, it’s album time! I have 7 tracks ready and I’m writing more and more each week to try and deliver a different concept and take on my version of British Outlaw Country! I’m hoping it will be a better vocal experience for me and a stronger storytelling record!

Most of all I thank you, for streaming, buying and supporting my records in 2018! Onwards and upwards to next year!

Published by Phoenix Morby

I tell stories in the form of song! Playing my guitar and just trying to make peace with shadows of the past! New EP out in APRIL!

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