Live In California

Hey, Y’all!

Hope your all doing wonderful and loving life! So I have an announcement! Yep, I have done something I have always wanted to do and recorded a live album. Its crazy scary and really does put me out there as an artist. I have had nightmares about this and also I’m worried it won’t live up to the expectation in my head but as I say in my new song “Be the River”

It’s time to jump

I know you don’t like heights

Cause mountains they are scary

But I’ll be by your side

So recorded at a wonderful little place on Placerville Main Street, The Winesmiths is a huge supporter of Local Artists and Talent! It felt like a natural fit and also they appreciate the songs I play. It’s an awesome little spot and recording the show was a breeze! But as any live show goes there were a few mistakes and bumps and I choose to leave those in as it shows a human side. So I hope you will all enjoy it when it comes out in October and you will listen and take it for what it is.


Thanks for all your support!


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