I’m lost, Deliver me

Wow, lots and lots have changed! A life that’s good right? That’s what we all crave and try to work on as we go through this crazy world one step at a time. More than anything we simply want a peace, an inner peace that allows us to enjoy the world and the people we choose to keep in it. There are hundreds if not thousands of songs that speak to us about finding love, peace, support and the quiet we all hunger. Trust me my music brain is full of them, over and over I’m searching for that song or that lyric that just makes everything make sense.

So as a songwriter that’s what I try and look for, if I cant find it I’ll write it myself, right? Well, it hasn’t been that simple. When your searching for the answer in music or in life it’s like fuel. The fuel that keeps you searching is knowing one day you may find it. The peace and quiet we all want. So what happens when you find it? You know that one love that brings you everything you wanted? Well, let me tell you. The words dry up, the music drys up and you cant find a medium to allow you to write!

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 16.42.15

See I thought at first this was a bad thing, like how can I possibly write a happy song! That’s not country music write! But am I really a country artist or am I just an artist? What defines me as a country musician? Well nothing really, I just like to tell my stories. It doesn’t really make me anything other than a storyteller! But Itunes really doesn’t have that genre when you’re uploading your music so I guess country just fitted. I’m a lover of Willie, Johnny, Kris and Waylon and to have my simple tunes sit in the same realms as those guys just felt awesome.

For a while now I have pondered that after Butterfly comes out on July 10th (Nice plug there right?) I’d just fade into the night and kinda stop writing and putting music out. That at the time seemed the most simple of options and then yesterday happened and it has given me a new sense of loving, peace and warmth that is now allowing me to flow again. I sat on the porch today and in 10 mins wrote a song, I mean like smashed it! And its a happyish kinda tune! It’s not a Spice Girls song but ya know its not a sad sad song!

The Highwaymen (The greatest supergroup of all time)

So this next chapter as a storyteller seems to me right at this second a happy place to be. Me and Kristine (My Guitar!) are at one with each other again! and we have a goal to get this album out as soon as possible!

I’m lost, deliver me
I crossed the river finally
God as my witness
Yeah it’s gonna heal my soul tonight


Published by Phoenix Morby

I tell stories in the form of song! Playing my guitar and just trying to make peace with shadows of the past! New EP out in APRIL!

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