The Call (Songwriting)

So I started this blog to not only put out my thoughts on Country music but also to get my songs and writings out there and this will be my first shot at that, if not only to share these lyrics but to also gauge some opinions on them. The first one I want to share is quite a dark matter, but it effects so many. When someone takes their own life, a lot of the time it can be prevented by a stream of events, which unfortunately don’t happen in the nick of time.

What I tried to capture in the lyrics is a sense of need and longing from one person and the sense of urgency from another person. We always seem to be far too busy these days to just pick up the phone or call someone we love just to say hello. These lyrics try to push that by saying its always too late when things happen. We should never have regrets!

The Call

Verse One
She sits on the roof top
beginning to cry
wondering what happened
and questioning why 
for the times in her life
this was the one she tried
to complete
to be a woman 
Cause shes waiting for a call
all she wants is to hear
a voice once more
As she sits and wonders why
all the things she tried 
Become undone 
Cause the call will never come
Verse Two
and she’ll under stand why 
and she questions all her life
from the start 
where and when she fell apart
She sees her life flashing by
all the pain and hurt
right before her eyes 
as the people scream from down below
Verse Three 
He looks up above 
to see the dove tail dress
sitting high in the wind 
hope she begin again
He knows he shouldnt shout
as left early that morning 
with a doubt 
that things become so extreme
Verse Four
as he clutches the flowers he holds
as the girl on the ledge begins to fall
he closes his eyes and with tears in his eyes
he turns and pulls out his phone
He dials a number it makes a sound
as the ringtone he hears 
he turns back around
the phone he is calling lays down on the ground

Published by Phoenix Morby

I tell stories in the form of song! Playing my guitar and just trying to make peace with shadows of the past! New EP out in APRIL!

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